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Parking Appeal

Date: 2021-04-26

Drop off and pick-up time has always been a busy time here at Cymerau, and every year we ask parents to respect the school guidelines, and park in places a little further away than Ffordd Mela and Manor Avenue. Here is our latest appeal.

The Lon Cob Bach car park is free and offers a safe route all the way to Cymerau school grounds.

We encourage parents to use this car park in addition to the Prom when dropping off their children in the mornings, and collecting them in the afternoon if possible.

The path leads you safely along Winllan Lloyd, up to the mouth of the school lane, where a member of staff will be waiting to cross you safely.

We hope that you will consider using the car park and this path for your journey to and from school from now on.

Thank you for your continued co-operation on the matter.

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